Meet our team
Quantum IR Technologies was founded by Mark Israelsen and Rick Anderson. Mark and Rick hold patents in the automation of IR object detection and IR camera automation.
Mark Israelsen
CEO & Founder
35 years in global technology development and international business development. Developed first patents to automate infrared data using real time software algorithms. Leads infrared R&D, software design, patent development and sales.
Rick Anderson
R&D Leadership & Founder
30 years in engineering, construction and product development. Developed multiple product & process patents.
Merin Swasey
SVP Technology Development & Support
10 years in design engineering, product development. Leads product testing, integration and design, and customer support.
Team members
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Thang Trinh
Technical Lead
Hiep Do
Operation Manager
Anh Ho
Sale Manager
Khanh Pham
Human Resource Manager
Chi Nguyen
Sale Account Manager