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Industrial Safety

Safety is important in any industry. Accidents and fre need to be avoided and production needs to be running at all times.

Thermal imaging cameras can help to ensure safety and avoid unplanned outages.

Condition monitoring
Condition monitoring is all about identifying problems before failure occurs in order to prevent costly production stops. Typical equipment that is monitored includes high- and low-voltage installations, turbines, compressors and other electrical and mechanical equipment. Sometimes processes need to be monitored because an anomaly can cause dangerous situations.

Thermal image of a flare.
Flare monitoring
Flares, that often have a flame that is not visible to the naked eye, need to be monitored to see if they are effectively burning the produced gasses. A thermal imaging camera can help do this.

Thermal inspection of a high voltage installation.
Substation monitoring
Utilities are looking for ways to address these issues in order to improve the reliability of electric power delivery while at the same time reducing costs. By using FLIR thermal imaging cameras and automation software, impending equipment failures and security breaches can be detected anytime, day or night, at a remote monitoring location.

Hot spots on the ladle indicate possible failure.
Steel ladle monitoring
Steel mill ladles have limited lives. As their refractory linings wear or develop breaks due to shock, the outer part of a ladle can be exposed to excessive temperatures. If not caught in time, the result can be ladle disintegration and a molten metal breakout, threatening the lives of workers and destroying equipment.

Overloaded fuse.
Continuous monitoring of electrical / mechanical installations
Some critical electrical and mechanical installations are monitored 24/7 with a thermal imaging camera. A fxed mounted thermal imaging camera gives you the advantage, so you don’t need to rely on periodic inspections. Alarms can be set to go off once a temperature threshold is exceeded.

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